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For the Experienced Pilot or if having recently achieved your PPL (H), for which you should be very proud as this is no mean achievement, why not enjoy your flying and advance your skills, by joining a Mountain Flying Course.

There is no formal qualification attached to this venture but it is Guaranteed that your flying skills will be enhanced and you will have a lot of Fun in the process.

We can provide One Day Courses consisting of extensive ground school briefings on pinnacle and ridge line approaches and landings, valley flying and of course all the Safety Considerations associated with handling a helicopter within this exhilarating, yet demanding environment.

The flying occurs in the Brecon Beacon National Park, Cambrian Mountains of Mid-Wales and Snowdonia National Park.

In the Brecon Beacons, Pen y Fan with terrain height of 2,907 Ft is the highest ground in South Wales. Flying north, Snowdon, reaches up to 3,559 Ft and is the highest ground in England and Wales.

For the More Adventurous we will arrange flying expeditions to Snowdonia where these mountains may be explored by the most versatile of all aircraft, with you in control

We can organise 2 or 3-day excursions with Mountain Based Hotel accommodation involving other pilots, instructors and helicopters from differing locations, all with the intention of expanding their flying experience and having a Good Time.

Helicopters are designed to operate in environments where other aircraft cannot, however this requires Pilot Skills that may only be obtained with training, having already had some experience within the general scope of private, charter and pleasure flying.

Haverfordwest is one of the most professional and welcoming airfields around and is ideally situated for helicopter charter & pleasure flights as well as flight training.

Airfield Technical Specifications:

  • Haverfordwest / WithyBush Aerodrome
  • ICAO Designator EGFE - Elevation 155ft
  • Runways 03 / 21 - 5,000ft / 1,524m
  • Runways 09 / 27 - 3,412ft / 1,040m
  • A/G Haverfordwest Radio 122.20 Mhz
  • NDB - HAV 328 on A/D Range 10nm
  • STU 113.10 - 170 - 10.1
  • BCN 117.45 - 284 - 63.4

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